Beef and honey stew

This is a dish I’ve cooked a few times before and I wanted to put it on here as it’s quite simple but very tasty.

You don’t need many ingredients and the preparation is straightforward. The only real complication is the cooking time; between 2 to 4 hours so good if you have many other things to do in your home while it is cooking or you are happy to leave it cooking while you are out.

I bought beef that was already chopped but otherwise cutting the meat would be the first step. After covering in flour (I did it on a plate rather than the recommended bag method) and cooking in batches until brown, I cooked the onion and then added the remaining ingredients along with the cooked beef.

Valencian honey!

Final steps

I cooked it for 4 hours and the meat was very tender. I added the potatoes at the end but I would say they took 40 mins to cook rather than the 20 stated (I’m sure cutting them into smaller pieces would have negated this issue).

I cooked this recipe for guests who were trying it for the first time and they seemed to like it a lot so a good sign!



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3 responses to “Beef and honey stew

  1. Karmen

    So many things I’m gonna have to try when I’m fully recovered… It looks delicious, cuinera! Ah, I also loved the picture that reads “Valencian honey”! Well done, once again, superteam!

  2. Thanks!!! It was fun to make and eat 🙂

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