1000 hits! Thank you!!!

With my latest post today I reached the 1000 total hit mark!!!  It makes me very happy to know that many people from around the world have seen my blog and hopefully enjoyed my cooking a little!  Really, to see the list of all the countries where the blog has got to, it is a very nice feeling.

But in fact this blog has given me great pleasure just by doing and then writing about one of my favourite things; cooking!  So regardless of how many people have seen it, this blog has given me a lot this past year, like a positive constant in my life 🙂  Despite everything I got from the cooking and writing alone, I want to say a huge thanks for all those people who have clicked, read, followed and especially to my few loyal commentators!  You know who you are!!!  You have made a small time cook smile a lot tonight!!!

Now, I can plan for new styles of recipes, maybe update my “about me”, maybe give the site a refresh in honour of reaching the 1000 mark.  As always, any suggestions welcome!

Thanks again for reading from a very happy blogger!!!




June 30, 2013 · 6:43 pm

8 responses to “1000 hits! Thank you!!!

  1. Congrats!! You’ll find the hit rate increases the longer you go. The next 1000 will be quicker than the first!

  2. And reached 100 likes on the same day 🙂

  3. Kristine

    Well done Annie. Looking forward to the next creations from your wee kitchen …

  4. Congratulations on that milestone!! Isn’t it fun to see that number climb, and know that your “friends” all over the world are reading about your cooking, and enjoying a “visit” to you kitchen? Ciao!

  5. Emily

    Congratulations! I’m looking forward to loads of new, delicious culinary explorations! 🙂

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