Oeufs en cocotte (eggs in pots)


Today is my first day of Christmas holidays so what better way to start it with a nice breakfast!  In bed!  Well, I had to get out of bed to make it but got back in to eat it, so still the concept is there 🙂

I started going through recipe books this morning in bed (starting a weekend in this way is just heaven for me!) as I’m cooking for my family on Christmas Day this year.  An alternative Christmas dinner as we are having the traditional dinner on Boxing Day when everyone will be together.  So as I was searching for the recipes for Christmas Day, I came across this recipe in the Little Paris Kitchen book which seemed perfect for breakfast or could be done as a starter 🙂  I don’t want to say anymore about the Christmas dinner in case my mum gets a sneak preview!

I certainly didn’t have red lumpfish roe lying around my kitchen so for the additional topping I used ham but you can use whatever savoury item you want!  It is quite a simple recipe but still feels special; a great combination in my idea of cooking!

I added some salt and pepper and nutmeg to creme fraiche and mixed well.  Then I spooned a tablespoon into a ramekin, sprinkled some parsley on top, broke an egg on top and added another tablespoon of creme fraiche.  I added a little bit more salt, pepper and nutmeg and put the two ramekins into a baking tray and added enough lukewarm water in the tray to come up to about halfway of the ramekins.






I then baked in the oven for about 15 mins on 180 degrees, removed from the oven, sprinkled on a little parsley and added a couple of strips of ham.



So yes, very simple!  Only issue with this dish is trying to get a tray of boiling water out of my little oven which is above head height!  In reality the tray of water is still in there cooling down and I lifted the ramekins straight out.  One day I will have a bigger kitchen once more!  But for now, this little creation coming out of my little oven, in my little kitchen was a perfect start to the holidays 🙂





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2 responses to “Oeufs en cocotte (eggs in pots)

  1. Kristine

    Happy holidays! Looks like a delicious breakfast. Hope Christmas dinner goes well, look forward to hearing about it. Have a fantastic foodie Christmas!

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