Tagliatelle con gamberi (Tagliatelle with prawns and a creamy sauce)


My second post in two days!  You can tell the holidays are here and I’m getting to do more of my favourite things 🙂  Today I choose another recipe from my Gino D’Acampo pasta recipe book that I got for my birthday.  This time I bought the pasta 😦  But fresh pasta at least!  With two blogs in two days, making pasta as well would have been a big investment of time when I’m supposed to be packing ready for our Christmas UK trip!

So I choose a prawn based dish as I bought close to 40 prawns yesterday!  The remainder are safely put away in the freezer which will be handy as I’ve a feeling I will be repeating this dish regularly 🙂  I’m really trying to believe Gino when he says pasta is a healthy dish and therefore I don’t have to feel guilty at eating it so often!

I used 8 prawns to make enough for two people.  I shelled them, leaving the tails on and put to one side.  I chopped one shallot, 8 cherry tomatoes, about 50g of walnuts and a handful of parsley.



I melted 20g of butter with 3 tablespoons of olive oil in a big frying pan and gently fried the shallot with the walnuts for about 2 mins.  Then I added the prawns and the tomatoes, salt and pepper and cooked on a higher heat for about 30 seconds.  I also put the pasta on according to the packet instructions (mine was fresh tagliatelle so 4 mins).



At this point the recipe says to add brandy which I don’t keep in my kitchen.  I just don’t use enough of it to warrant buying a whole bottle and I would never have it as a drink!  So instead, I used a teaspoon of white wine vinegar which seemed to work fine!  Once I added this, I cooked it for a further minute before adding 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and about 150ml of double cream.  Then I heated it for a further 2 mins.

The final step was to add the chopped parsley and then add the pasta and mix everything well together for approximately 30 seconds to let the flavours blend well.

Again, a simple recipe but a really good combination of flavours between the prawns, walnuts and the sweetness of the cherry tomatoes.  I’m really enjoying this recipe book!



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One response to “Tagliatelle con gamberi (Tagliatelle with prawns and a creamy sauce)

  1. Kristine

    Looks delicious! I saw Gino on the TV advertising his book and was a bit cynical when he was talking about his food being healthy. Good to hear my cynicism was misplaced!

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