2000 hits! Thank you!!!

2 days ago I reached another milestone;  2000 hits on my blog!  I was in Scotland at the time, hence a late post but I wanted to say thanks again to everyone who reads my blog; to the regulars and those who come across it for just one post or more.

I know I have a fair few followers who are friends and family so a big thanks to them for continuing to support me in my efforts to improve my cooking 🙂  I really enjoy cooking already but the positive feedback definitely motivates me to carry on blogging.

And then to people who just come across my blog by some other means; thanks for taking the time to read it and for the comments also!  I’ve said it before but it gives me great pleasure to know that people are interested in looking at the food I cook, it continues to be a surprise to me 🙂

I think when I reached 1000 hits I had big plans to overhaul the blog (and never did!) so for now I will just say that I intend to carry on doing something I love;  cooking, taking the pictures and publishing them on here 🙂

From a very happy almost chef (pictured with one of her favourite things)!



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