September 2013

My name is still Annie Jameson and thankfully I’m still 30 something!  Also very happily STILL living in Barcelona and not so happily STILL cooking from my small kitchen (although I STILL have many dreams about that last part!)!

Really enjoying my cooking and the whole blogging experience!  I was never one for a diary but I guess I have one by default now!  Hopefully I don’t embarrass myself too much on here and cringe in years to come!

Thanks for checking out my blog!  You can also check some of my other creations that I don’t necessarily blog about on Instagram 🙂

(and the overdue updated picture from a recent holiday where I discovered the largest cup of coffee in the world 🙂  Seriously, it’s bigger than my head…)


March 2012

My name is Annie Jameson and I’m a 30 something English female living in Barcelona.  Partly as a consequence of living in this city, I have a very small kitchen!  My aim of writing on here is to improve my cooking while writing about it and sharing my cooking experiences from la cuineta!

Living in Barcelona means I am exposed to a wide range of ingredients, many of which I have no experience of using, so this will be a culinary journey for me!

Me and 4 pies!


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