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Chicken Caesar Sandwich

It’s been a long time since I last blogged!  Following the birth of my twins, I’ve been waiting for the right moment to return and last night I finally felt inclined to take some pictures of the food knowing I had a bit of free time this morning to write about it!  I thought this recipe would link in well with my previous post of Chicken Caesar Salad and would give me the chance to test an alternative caesar dressing.

This one didn’t use mustard but lemon juice and worcester sauce instead (full ingredients at the bottom of the post) and overall I’m not really sure which one I prefer.  Both have their merits.  This one was more runny for sure so made the eating a bit messier.  But taste wise, both are good!

I started by cooking the chicken breast on 180 C for 20 mins and then prepared the caesar sauce in the meantime.  I mixed all the sauce ingredients together well and added half to some chopped lettuce leaves.  Then I toasted the ciabatta for a couple of minutes, placed the cooked chicken on top, then the dressed lettuce, ham and added some more caesar sauce and Parmesan shavings.

In terms of overall recipe I would say I preferred the Caesar salad as it is easier to eat (a knife and fork help!) but this was a tasty alternative and a great, fast homemade snack albeit not the healthiest!  Life with twins has definitely led to repeating more of the same meals over and over so this made a welcome change last night 🙂

Ingredients (serves 2-3)

1 chicken breast

2 pieces of cooked ham/parma ham torn into small pieces

Mixed lettuce leaves

2 ciabattas

6 tablespoons of mayonnaise

6 tablespoons of lemon juice

Sprinkling of worcester sauce

Salt and pepper


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Hummus baked chicken with spinach and lemon, chilli breadcrumbs

Following on from my hummus recipe the other day, I had some left over and wanted to use it within another recipe, within cooking and not just as a dip.

I found this one on the internet which looked pretty good:


And I supplemented it with another recipe I found using spinach and breadcrumbs:


It was simple enough to do; spreading the hummus on the chicken breasts and placing over the chopped vegetables and sprinkling over lemon juice and some paprika.



The breadcrumbs were also pretty fast and resulted in a really nice smell while cooking.



The two recipes worked really well in combination and it was a good way of using up the hummus and a nice take on spinach to give some different flavours.  Sometimes I can find spinach a bit bland but I like to eat it due to the health benefits so this was a great way of making it more interesting.  I really enjoyed the zesty flavour in the breadcrumbs from the lemon and my only change would be that next time would add more chilli (I used about 1/4 teaspoon of chilli powder rather than a whole chilli) to give it more of a kick.

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Chicken and Jerusalem artichoke pie (the, I love you, pie!)


When I started this blog the first picture I used was that of me and 4 mini pies I had made.  Creations from la cuineta will soon undertake some changes with a house move planned so the time seemed right to bring out a pie once more!

I don’t want to jinx the move and we don’t have the keys yet but if all goes to plan, I will still be cooking from a small kitchen but a better designed one!  Also for that reason, you will see a picture of the very small oven which can lay claim to many of the recipes on here (it’s time it got some credit!).  Apologies for it’s dirty state but as I’m hoping to get a brand new oven, I’m feeling quite lazy to clean it!

The recipe I found was able to utilise the artichokes that I had in my veg box delivery:


I started with the arduous task of extracting the hearts of the artichokes.  This is really not a favourite task of mine but I think I’m improving at it…

I still used this video here to help me:




I was also able to utilise one of the giant onions I got in my veg box meaning we now have a little bit more space in the fridge!!!


Once I’d got the hearts of the artichokes out, I put them in a bowl of water with lemon juice to keep them from oxidating while I chopped the onions, the chicken and could prepare the wine and the chicken stock.

I melted the butter and added the onions and garlic and gently fried for a couple of minutes before adding the chopped artichokes, orange zest and wine.  Once the wine had evaporated slightly I sprinkled over the flour and then gently added the chicken stock to make the sauce.






I actually found the sauce to be quite thick before before putting a lid on it and cooking for the proposed 10-15 mins, so I reduced this time slightly and then added the cream for the final few minutes on the hob.  See what you think, when you have it all mixed together.



Once the sauce was done, I moved on to the constructing of the pie.  I had cheated a little and bought ready made puff pastry but after the artichokes, this was a welcome respite 🙂  They make so much mess for what you get out of them and I guess there is some significance of whenever I mention using artichokes to most people they say they just take them from a jar.




For my left over pastry pieces I decided to write a nice message.  That was easier for me than trying to make a flower and was probably more appreciated too! 🙂


The height the puff pastry got to in the little over was quite impressive!





All in all, it came out really well!  I do still love pies!!!  The pastry was nicely crispy and the orange zest made for a different kind of pie.  We both went back for seconds so a good sign that it was a tasty dish.


I’m hoping to squeeze in another couple of blogs from my existing kitchen but we will see how the next couple of months go and the demands on my time.  I have to say that designing my own kitchen is very exciting and something I will be able to spend many more hours doing!


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Spinach, spinach and more spinach!

Following the veg box delivery last week, I had a lot of spinach in my fridge so this weekend has been dominated by recipes including this green vegetable!!!



It started Saturday morning with Eggs and Spinach en cocotte.  I had done a cocotte before:


They are really tasty, a real treat for a weekend breakfast so a good way to use the spinach.  Again it was really tasty and you can find the recipe I used here:





Next up was Saturday dinner 🙂  I really fancied a curry, so I did this Chicken and Spinach Balti recipe:


Really nice flavours from the yoghurt marinade and the spinach gave it something extra for sure.  I usually don’t have spinach in my curries and I’ve eaten a lot of curries over the course of my life so quite a turning point!




And now this brings us to Sunday night!  As I’m writing this, I’ve been cooking a Ghanaian Beef and Spinach Stew for about 2 hours by now!


It comes from a really nice blog which features gluten free recipes.  I didn’t have all the ingredients (serrano peppers for example) but I have suitable substitutes and also was able to add a couple of my organic carrots and some leeks.  You can see what it looks like below!  I just need to add the spinach and it will soon be ready to eat!


For anyone who has not yet had enough of spinach while reading this post, you can find all the health benefits of spinach here:


I should definitely be feeling stronger and ready to tackle Monday!!!

Thanks to the BBC for providing a lot of inspiration this weekend!


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Homemade chicken nuggets with Parmesan crust


I first made this recipe about a month ago and while simple, it is a really nice treat! There is something quite childlike about the recipe but when making it yourself, you can feel a bit better about the healthiness of what you are eating! Actually I remember one of my first food shopping trips when I was at university and I picked up a pack of chicken nuggets. I read the back and was quite surprised to read that they contained only 45% chicken!!! That fact has stuck in my head for 15 years now so clearly had an impact!

These homemade chicken nuggets certainly contain more than 45% chicken and also, for that, they are so much tastier than any shop bought nuggets or indeed fast food outlet nuggets!

It’s just a case of using small chunks of chicken breast and rolling them first in flour, then egg and finally in breadcrumbs mixed with a little Parmesan, black pepper and olive oil. Put them on a baking tray and bake in the oven for 20 mins on 180 degrees; simple!




In terms of measurements, it depends how many you need for the number of people you are cooking for. As a guide, I used one chicken breast, enough flour to just about cover a side plate, 1 egg and maybe a quarter of a thick baguette to blend into breadcrumbs. This made about 14 nuggets which were shared between two people.


I feel like a kid when I make these so in the attempt of making the dish a little more sophisticated, I served the nuggets with a rocket, cherry tomato and mozzarella salad 😊 I also served small bowls of sweet chilli sauce to dip the nuggets in 😊



This was perfect for a quiet Friday night in! And in answer to how my last post finished, yes I’m still ill! Not claiming this dish as a health cure but as a little treat for a quiet night, it was great!

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Coriander chicken with mushrooms and a red pepper egg!


This post was inspired by an instagram account I follow called myhealthydish_ I really liked the look of it and it’s something different.  I wasn’t going to eat it on it’s own so had it with chicken and mushrooms to make, all in all, a healthy dish.  Usually with this kind of combination of chicken and mushrooms, I would have had potatoes or pasta so hoping an egg is an improvement health wise (another thing to google later to get the exact calorie comparison…)

I mixed some fresh chopped coriander with a teaspoon of lemon juice, a teaspoon of soy sauce, a splash or two of balsamic vinegar, half a teaspoon of coriander powder and some ground pepper.  I made a few slits in the chicken and rubbed the mixture on top.  I used one chicken breast between two people.  I cooked the chicken in the oven for 25 minutes on 190 degrees.

For the mushrooms, I heated a knob of butter and gently fried the mushrooms for about 5 mins before adding some fresh coriander and one clove of garlic.



And for the main feature, I cut two round slices of pepper (fairly thick so the egg didn’t or shouldn’t (!) spill over too much.  I fried them in oil for about two mins on each side before cracking an egg into each of them and cooking for approx. 5 mins.  I used a spoon to put more oil over the yolks every minute or so to help the cooking process.  The key is to cut the peppers very straight so they sit well in the pan and no egg leaks out.  You will see from my pictures that some did leak out but overall I was still very happy with the dish.  It’s very nice to have fun with food and the egg in the pepper certainly gave this lunch a fun element 🙂  The chicken and mushrooms were really tasty too although I think I could eat pretty much anything with coriander!  Definitely my favourite herb!  But the combinations in this dish worked really well together, I was a very happy chef!





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